Franco Alfredo Cruz Jofré

Franco A. Cruz Jofré

Actual occupation: PhD Student and Assistant professor*
Institution: Universidad de Chile
Research on: Evolution of Orestias spp. in Highland Environments.

* Facultad de Recursos Naturales y Medicina Veterinaria, Universidad Santo Tomás, Viña del Mar

Educational Background:

2011- 2014. MSc. Universidad de Chile. Dissertation title: “Genetic and morphological variation in populations of Orestias ascotanensis Parenti, 1984 in the Ascotan saltpan, Northern Chile”. Advisors: Marco Méndez and Irma Vila.

Research interest: My main interest is focused on evolutionary process and phylogeographic patterns at different scales, on small fragmented environment, such as springs, specially in saltpans and/or biogeographical regions. I’m very interested in using genetics and morphological tools for comparing population and species with a differentiation degree.


2016. Cruz-Jofré, F., Morales, P., Vila, I., Esquer-Garrigos, Y., Hugueny, B., Gaubert, P., Poulin, E. & Méndez, M. A. Geographical isolation and genetic differentiation: the case of Orestias ascotanensis (Teleostei: Cyprinodontidae), an Andean killifish inhabiting a highland salt pan. Biol J Linnean Soc, 117, 747 – 759. (10.1111/bij.12704)

2016. Zúñiga-Reinoso A, Cruz-Jofré F, Briceño C & D Moreira-Arce. Acanthinodera cumingii(Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) in the diet of carnivores of the Nahuelbuta Mountain Area, south-central Chile. Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies 4(5): 696-698. [download]

2015. Vilina Y.A., Cruz-Jofré F.& V. Sabaj. Southernmost limit of the Vicugna vicugnaMolina (Mammalia:Camelidae) in Chile: a review of old records and new field data. Gayana 79(2): 212-216. (10.4067/S0717-65382015000200010)

2014. Cruz-Jofré F., Morales P., Esquer-Garrigos Y., Vila I., Hugueny B., Gaubert P. &. Méndez M. A. Taxonomic identity of the forms of Orestias agassii (Teleostei: Cyprinodontidae) from Chile: a morphological comparison with the syntypes of the species of Peru and Bolivia. Gayana 78(1): 41-45. (10.4067/S0717-65382014000100006)

2014. Cruz-Jofré F.& Y.A. Vilina. Ecología trófica de Athene cunicularia(Aves: Strigidae) en un sistema insular del norte de Chile: ¿posible respuesta funcional y numérica frente a Pelecanoides garnotii(Aves: Pelecanoididae)?. Gayana 78(1): 31-40. (10.4067/S0717-65382014000100005)

2013. Cruz-Jofré F., Valladares M., Vila I. & Méndez M. A. The genus Orestias (Teleostei: Cyprinodontidae): nomenclatural errors in the assignation of species names. Zootaxa 3746 (4): 597–599. (10.11646/zootaxa.3746.4.7)

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Awards and Associations:

2015. Phd scholarships CONICYT, grant number: CONICYT-PCHA Doctorado Nacional 2015-21150821.

2012. Awarded first place on poster presentation, title: “Absence of morphological differentiation in the Orestias species (Teleostei, Cyprinodontidae) of the Lauca National Park, suggests recent speciation” in the VI annual meeting Sociedad Chilena de Evolución (SOCEVOL)

Further information:

Hobby and interest: String instruments and Andean music