Dr. Luis Pastenes

Name: Dr. Luis Pastenes

Actual occupation: Assistant Professor

Institution: Facultad de Ciencias, P. Universidad Católica del Maule, Talca, Chile

Research on: Evolution and origin of Chilean Amphibian fauna.

Research Interest:

Luis was my project assistant for FONDECYT and later my doctoral student. Between the years 2012-2013 I lead his doctoral thesis that was focused on transcriptomics studies of local adaptation in populations of the amphibian Rhinella spinulosa. Since 2014 until now, Luis had developed his own postdoctoral project in my lab and is collaborating with FONDAP Center for Genomic Regulation. This Project is focused in understanding local adaptation of the amphibian Rhinella spinulosa, using natural populations and methods associated with tanscriptomics. Just recently he is part of the Facultad de Ciencias, P. Universidad Católica del Maule, as an assistant professor. With Luis, we have published 7 ISI publications, in which I would like to highlight the article that was published March 2016, about the mitogenome of the Chilean amphibian Telmatobius chusmisensis, a species with conservation problems.


Contact e-mail: lpastenes@gmail.com