Dr. Claudio Correa

Dr. Claudio Correa

Actual occupation: Assistant Professor
Institution: Departamento de Zoología, Facultad de Ciencias Naturales y Oceanográficas, Universidad de Concepción
Research on: Evolution and origin of Chilean Amphibian fauna.

Research Interest:

The main objective of his investigation is to understand the origin and evolution of Chilean amphibians, using phylogenetic and phylogeoraphic tools. Recently he’s been interested in aspects of conservation biology of amphibians. During 2003 I lead his undergraduate thesis, which was orientated on population genetics of the amphibian Rhinella spinulosa. In 2004, I directed his master thesis, in which he analyzed phylogenetic relationships between Chilean amphibians using molecular markers. Later in 2007, I lead his doctoral thesis in phylogeography of the amphibian Rhinella atacamensis. During the last years, I have collaborated in his postdoctoral project that is focused on investigating different phylogeographic aspects of the amphibian Rhinella chilensis. Currently, with Claudio we are guiding a master thesis about population genetics of the amphibian Eupsophus nahuelbutensis. One aspect to highlight about Claudio is that he is one of the most recognized herpetologists in Chile and is part of government committees that focus on conservation of amphibians. As a result form the academic collaboration Claudio and I have generated 4 chapters in a book, 4 no ISI and 10 ISI publications.


Contact e-mail: ccorreaq@udec.cl