Pablo Ignacio Fibla López

Actual occupation: PhD Student
Institution: Universidad de Chile
Research on: Evolution of Andean amphibians

Educational Background:

2014 – Present. PhD. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Universidad de Chile, Universidad de Chile.

2011 – 2012. MSc in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Universidad de Chile. Dissertation title: “Effects of desiccation and larval density in life history traits, morphology, and locomotor performance in Rhinella spinulosa (Anura: Bufonidae)”. Advisors: Marco Méndez and Michel Sallaberry.

2005 – 2009. BSc with mention in Biology, Universidad de Chile. 

Research Interest:

My research interest focuses on the evolutionary processes that stimulated the diversification of Andean fauna, particularly Altiplanic amphibians. As an approach I use mainly systematic and morphological analysis to explore the evolutionary history and the diversity of the endemic group of Andean amphibians Telmatobius. Part of my research also focuses to contribute to the resolution of taxonomic conflicts and describe new diversity of Telmatobius amphibians founded in the southwestern Altiplano, as a result of the exhaustive field sampling carried out by our group in northern Chile. Nowadays I’m interested in start to characterize the patterns of genetic diversity of Chilean Telmatobius species from a phylogeographic intraespecific perspective.


Fibla P, Serrano JM, Cruz-Jofré F, Fabres A, Ramírez F, Sáez P, Otalora K & Méndez MA. 2019. Evidence of predation on the Helmeted water toad Calyptocephalella gayi (Duméril & Bibron, 1841) by the invasive African clawed frog Xenopus laevis (Daudin 1802). Gayana. Accepted

Fibla P, Salinas H, Lobos G, Fabres A & Méndez MA. 2018. Where is the enigmatic Telmatobius halli Noble 1938? Rediscovery and clarification of a frog species not seen for 80 years. Zootaxa. DOI: 10.11646/zootaxa.4527.1.5

Fabres A, Fibla P, Araya C, Salaberry M & Méndez MA. 2018. Development and characterization of 22 polymorphic microsatellites of the Andean frog Telmatobius chusmisensis (Anura, Telmatobius) and cross amplification in seven Chilean species of the genus. Molecular Biology Reports. DOI: 10.1007/s11033-018-4228-2

Fibla P, Sáez PA, Salinas H, Araya C, Sallaberry M & Méndez MA. 2017. The taxonomic status of two Telmatobius frog species (Anura: Telmatobiidae) from the western Andean slopes of northernmost Chile. Zootaxa 4250(4): 301–314.

Victoriano PF, Muñoz-Mendoza C, Sáez PA, Salinas HF, Muñoz-Ramirez C, Sallaberry M, Fibla P & Méndez MA. 2015. Evolution and conservation on top of the world: Phylogeography of the Marbled Water Frog (Telmatobius marmoratus species complex; Anura, Telmatobiidae) in protected areas of Chile. Journal of Heredity 106, 546-559.

Sáez PA, Fibla P, Correa C, Sallaberry M, Salinas H, Veloso A, Mella J, Iturra P & Méndez MA. 2014. A new endemic lineage of the Andean frog genus Telmatobius (Anura, Telmatobiidae) from the western slope of the Central Andes. Zoological Journal of the Linnaean Society 171: 769-782.

Peña-Villalobos I, Olguín L, Fibla P, Castro V & Sallaberry M. 2013. Aprovechamiento humano de aves marinas durante el Holoceno Medio en el litoral árido del norte de Chile. Revista Chilena de Historia Natural 86: 301-313.

Peña-Villalobos I, Fibla P, Salazar J & Sallaberry M. 2012. Cambios temporales en la abundancia y composición del ensamble de aves acuáticas en tranques artificiales en Chile central. Gayana 76 (2): 92 – 101.

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Awards and Associations: Beca CONICYT.

Further information: Other interest: Zoology and morphology in Aves.